The time is here…


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Applications Are Open

Applications are open! Spread the word out and around to any one or any groups you suspect might be interested.

1. How do I apply?

The link below will take you straight to the site and the downloadable application pack:

2. What’s the cut off date?

The 29th of March, so you have just under a month?

3. I’m extremely excited- how do I control my emotion over this news?

There are really no cures for Youth Parliament excitement, all you can do is feed your excitement by applying today. 🙂

The time is here, the time is now. Jump on board so you can Stand Up, Talk Hard, Be Heard.


Guest Blog: Oliver Tripodi, Youth Governor of Victoria


Good evening everyone! Turn off those TVs, pause those Youtube videos and momentarily stop everything else because our very first guest blog is here! It comes from none other than our ever charming, sometimes surprising and always delightful Youth Gov for 2013, Olly Tripodi!

Young Oliver Tripodi

Young Oliver Tripodi

We thank Oliver for his fantastic contribution to the blog and we can’t wait to see what Oliver has in store for this year of Youth Parliament. Enjoy!

A few words from Olly:

It was on one of my many trips to collect an Apple and Walnut Scroll from the front counter that I first heard about the Youth Parliament. My now good friend, and then Manager, Siobhan Shaw, asked me whether I’d ever be interested in joining. I wasn’t.

“You should get involved” she said “You like speaking with people, consulting, thinking about real issues. You’d be great” she said (or something like that).

I was 16 years old and a keen political enthusiast, as well as a mediocre employee of a certain, well known bakery franchise. And at the time, the Youth Parliament sounded like a sub-standard debating camp angled at the academic and over-achieving types.

Alas, after a few months of consistent suggestion, and perhaps a personal desire to make amends for my poor job performance (mostly due to my excessive delectation of sweet breads), Siobhan had me attending my first weekend experience with Youth Parliament of Victoria. And from there, there was no turning back.

I’d expected a stifling room of precocious young people, waging a lightweight intellectual battle over the role of the Reserve Bank. Or perhaps a conference room with rowed seating so that the unofficial delegates of the major parties could pretend to seize the moral high ground in a mock debate.

I was so wrong.

I discovered what thousands of young people before me had already. The Youth Parliament of Victoria: a wonderfully open and eclectic group of young people, all enthusiastically awaiting what would become one of the most incredible experiences of their lives so far.

Each session that I attended on that first day came to powerfully instill what I still see as the quintessential Youth Parliament ethos. Young people leading young people; ideas and conversations flowing more freely than I had ever experienced. There was an indelible atmosphere of acceptance that allowed for beliefs to be shared honestly and heard with sincere respect. It was a place in which the possession of beliefs outweighed their content. And I remember incredible amounts of laughter, framed by cause. It was beautiful. And it still is.

Over the last four years, I’ve learned so much about politics, but more importantly, I’ve learned a vast amount about people. I’ve learned that political engagement is only useful if you engage yourself in the world around you.

I am deeply humbled to be leading the organization that has had such a monumental impact in my life. But, I am honored to be a part of the process that is such an overwhelming force for good.

I have grand plans for 2013:

I want to see more Koori representation in Chambers. I want more young people to feel comfortable communicating a message. I want local Councils supporting teams in the Youth Parliament. I want politicians to acknowledge the incredible passion of young people with principle. I want more Youth Parliamentarians from rural and regional Victoria. I want to dispel the accusations of apathy and laziness that have been directed at young people for years.

It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that the Youth Parliament could reach out and inspire an entire generation of young Victorians. We might just need a few more Apple and Walnut Scrolls.

– Olly Tripodi

Social Media Reboot Time!

Picking up from where we left off earlier today, Youth Parliament is about to begin again and to kick it off here is a little surprise for many of you Parliament addicts…

You may have noticed a change in the way we’re doing online media this year. From this new blog, to the easy-to-remember “ypvic” username which we now use across all social media, we’ve given everything a new, shiny coat of paint!

We have also prepared 3 online secrets (ooOOOOooohhh!), which will be progressively revealed throughout the year as we approach the big week of Youth Parliament.

Surprise, the first secret has just been released:

We want you to audition for a new YouTube series called ParliTV (What’s the date?!) The 9th of February my friends.

Just visit the Audition page:

Whether or not you get involved, tell some parli mates about it or just plain enjoy the results of ParliTV, it’s sure to be a bit of fun for everyone. For now, keep an eye out on this page and remember to Stand Up, Talk Hard, Be Heard.

Youth Parliament 2013, welcome!


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Oh hey Parli fans, alumni, addicts, participants, Taskforce members, spectators and supporters. Welcome to the official Youth Parliament blog! This is a momentous occasion in the world of Youth Parliament as what you see before you is a space to follow every step of Youth Parliament for 2013 beyond.

Here you can read about the progressions of Youth Parliament teams, connect to other relevant youth blogs, link yourself to the many different facets of YP’s online media and even enjoy some guest blog posts from major celebrities (such as our ever-alluring Youth Governor Oliver Tripodi).


Our Youth Gov sighted in his natural habitat

For now, let’s keep it short, but rest assured this will be a space to keep an eye on. For now, Stand up, Talk Hard, Be Heard.